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Breeding Journal

-Your digital breeding Journal

Breeding Journal is an applikation developed by breeders, for breeders!

Our goal is for you as a breeder to be able to easily follow your breedingwork from the bitch's run to the puppies' development and to a final result of the puppy as an adult dog.

Breeding Journal lays the foundation for a qualitative breedingwork and gives you the opportunity to get a good overview when you evaluate your breedingcombination and your breedingwork in its entirety.

As a male dog owner, you get a good overview of the offspring for an advanced qualitative breedingwork. The app also helps you structure your pairingrequests.

The app simplifies your breedingwork, you always have it on your mobile phone or tablet, you do not have to keep information and events in memory, the calendar or on handwritten papers.

Breeding Journal´s function includes:

  • Enter your breeding dogs, log the bitch's season and write down male dog requests.

  • Litter data, log the puppies' birth weight, color, coat, deviations, etc.

  • Weight development for the puppy.

  • Litter report, from puppy to adult dog.

  • Puppy inquiries.

Breeding Journal mobileapp for phone and tablet gives you constant access to your breedingwork wherever you are. The records simplify, clarify and follow up your breeding in an easy-to-understand and qualitative way.

Good luck with your breeding!