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About Us

Who are we?

Breeding Journal is owned and operated by the family company Calobre AB.

We went from a simple company to starting the limited company Calobre AB in the summer of 2022, which is run by us, Louise and Calle Edlund. We both have a burning interest in dogs, breeding, gardening and renovation, which also reflects what we work with within our company Calobre AB.

We have had our kennel Cani Lee since 2014 and during these years have had a few litters of puppies. Breeding dogs is a real rush of happiness, it is fantastic to follow the bitch and her puppies and then see the final result of the puppy as an adult. But it also means structure, planning and hard work. At one of our litters we realized that it is unsustainable to sit with paper and pencil, the whole world is undergoing digitization and we in our breeding work need a tool that can easily help us collect all information about our litters in one and the same place. Sitting there in the puppy box and knowing that soon the time will come, soon the first little puppy will arrive, it is among the best things there is, but also a little scary. For us, each time feels like the first, full of anticipation but also anxiety. The thoughts fly by, how was it last time, how close did the puppies come, how much did they weigh? -Imagine if I had found the paper I left in a good place a year ago, there I had written down the entire course of that litter... Because even if a bitch's previous litters are never a conclusion for how the next litter will be, it is a security to be able to see how it was last time, and thus the idea of ​​an app Breeding Journal was born.

Our goal is for the breeder to get a good overview of his breeding with Breeding Journal, while at the same time simplifying the follow-up of the breeding in the future, because of course we all want to be able to see how our combination turned out and what we should take with us to the next time.

We hope that you as a breeder choose to use the Breeding Journal and that you can see it as an asset to have all the information in one place close at hand. Breeding Journal can simplify your breeding work.

Good luck with your breeding!